October 2017

Da Lusso Design and Casa DaLusso

Da Luss0 Design  I recently sat down with Jacob Scherer at his home he is the owner of Dalusso Design in Santa Clara California and is now calling Puerto Vallarta home.  Jacob is living in Vallarta, and he operates two successful companies, mostly remotely from his home and office in Vallarta, which is located close…

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Birthdays in Mexico

Birthdays in Mexico Over the past several weeks I have been either out celebrating or having people to my own home to celebrate at least six different cumpleaños for myself and friends.  It struck me this past weekend just how different and important celebrating these days seem to be here in Mexico. I guess it…

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Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos As we move past Halloween and into our local Day of the Dead celebrations, I thought I would share how living here has changed not only the food and drinks I consume but also the events and holidays I celebrate. If you asked me ten years ago about the day of…

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