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 I recently sat down with Jacob Scherer at his home he is the owner of Dalusso Design in Santa Clara California and is now calling Puerto Vallarta home.  Jacob is living in Vallarta, and he operates two successful companies, mostly remotely from his home and office in Vallarta, which is located close to the market on Lazaro Cardenas.  One of the things I have noticed over the past ten years is just how many exceptionally talented people call Vallarta home.  Jacob, whom I met thru the ACT LBGT business association is another one of these amazing people who are bringing their talent to share with all of us who live here.


I wanted to sit down and have a chat with Jacob because to me he is part of the new face of Vallarta, and also his story is a love story.  And who does not love a love story!  Jacob met his husband nine years ago at Club Manana.  After looking into relocating full time to California, the couple decided on moving to Vallarta where they met and are now expanding their businesses.


Jacob recently completed his new home, and he focused on using local artisans to help him achieve everything from a gorgeous handcrafted front door to a concrete range hood!  The design style of his home is a modern Mexico look and feel, and his passion for working with local resources struck a chord with me.


When I write about real estate, I could give you the standard information about how trusts or corporations work, and I am sure I will do that from time to time.  However, frankly, I would rather introduce you people like Jacob who are changing the face of Vallarta one project at a time.


Jacob took time to show me how he worked to produce 3D drawings for all of his custom-made pieces so that the local artisans could create some unique and amazing pieces in his home. I asked him what he looks forward to here and he said that creating new relationships with friends and craftsman was something very important to him.  I have no doubt he will soon have so many new friends that his only issue will be not having enough time to see everyone.   He is also working on introducing Vallarta to his design and staging companies abilities. A sort of Da Lusso design South!


Jacob embraces technology and the benefits it can bring and both his home and office are state of the art.  Jacob uses on online robot he can drive around his California offices and collaborate with his teams from his home here in Vallarta.  It is amazing to see, and you should be sure to ask him about it.  I was amazed at how easy it was and how well his team in California had adjusted to working with him remotely this way.  The question of working remotely comes up all the time as individuals are looking to relocate to Vallarta.


      Realizing that reconnecting with people and sharing a good morning, or a good afternoon makes a difference in his life, Jacob finds that the pleasantries of the culture here really do go a long way in making the quality of our life better!  It is not all sun and sand, the simple Hola, Como Estas? Goes a long way to making our lives more enjoyable and I can say that both Jacob and I hope we never lose the ability to take pleasure in a simple smile and good day greeting to our neighbors and friends.


The city is changing every day and although that brings some bumps along the way the many new talented people whom all of us who own or are buying homes can work with is exciting.


Casa Dalusso Pool and Patio

The truth is we are very fortunate to have fantastic new talented people joining our community every day.  Moreover, I look forward to sharing my catch up chats with many more of these new talents over the upcoming months.

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